Working Capital

All businesses need capital in order to operate but what if your business is growing quickly and customers are taking 30-90 days to pay? Our team of experts will analyze your cash conversion cycle and recommend a solution that will best fit the needs of your business. Even if your bank turned you down, or if five banks turned you down, Rival can likely identify a solution for you.

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Commercial Lending

We provide solutions for commercial finance with a network of hundreds of financing channels. Our clients receive hands on, consultative advice, from one of our expert Capital Market Advisors. Rival provides loan solutions for the following types of loans:

  • Multi-family / Apartment
  • Warehouse
  • Office
  • Investor Commercial Real Estate
  • Hotel
  • Equipment
  • Agriculture / Farm
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Why is it so difficult to deal with banks?

Have you had a bad experience attempting to find a commercial loan for your business or an investment property? You are not alone. Absurd regulations,big business inefficiencies, specific loan policies, a bank's financial health, and the composition of the bank's portfolio, can result in a credit worthy borrower being declined. This doesn't mean there is not a solution available, it simply means that single bank is not a good fit.

At Rival we provide a great service to our clients by paring them with an expert Capital Advisor who will prepare a thorough financial package and increase their likelihood for approval from banks or other lenders. There are many options for commercial financing other than banks that Rival has access to. From private equity groups, private money or hard money lenders, SBA loans, and even angel investors, Rival has multiple solutions that could fit your needs. Rival is constantly seeking additional opportunities in the marketplace to add to our arsenal of funding sources; all of which compete for your business through our platform!


Next Steps...

If you are seeking financing for your business, no matter if it is a start up or an established company,  call or email to set up a free consultation.